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Meet The Team

1Meet Arifa!

Hey! I’m Arifa Mohamed. I’m a 26 year old, Law student at the University of Guyana, who is determined to inspire people and make a notable difference in the world. I have a background in Bio-chemistry, Sociology and Marketing; and I am currently employed at SocialRank Media, a part CANI and a volunteer with The Dream For Today Foundation.


Meet Rashulata!

Hey Guys! I’m Rashulata Shaunessy St.Louis. I’m a 19 yrs old Law student at the University of Guyana. I’m a member of   Rotaract President’s College, Environmental PC, PYARG PC, Youth Ambassador Program, Youth Action Network and Come Alive Network Inc.
I aim to engage and lead others in optimizing resources to increase the likelihood of significant positive outcomes for all through volunteerism .


Meet Crystal!

My name is Crystal Gonsalves, I am a energetic,ambitious, adventurous and outgoing 17year old. I’m currently pursuing a Diploma in Banking and Finance. Volunteerism is closest to my heart, I find joy in helping others who are in need and making others happy. As such I am an active member of the Come Alive Network Inc (CANI), a member of the Sistershood Foundation (S4 Foundation).

I believe that people do not remember what you did for them, would not remember what you did to them, but they will remember how you made them feel.


Meet Delon!

Hello there I am Delon Fraser. I am fun, energetic, adventurous and I love challenges. I am a great debater, I love politics and dealing with international issues. I am a scout leader the President of the Cacique Toastmasters Club.

I am interested in meeting new people and hope that I meet their expectations as a down to earth individual.


Meet Mark!

Hey! I’m Mark Junior Murray, a journalist and i’m currently pursuing my B.Soc. Sci in Communication Studies at the University of Guyana. I am socially conscious and have flair for matters concerning Indigenous people, the poor, and the powerless.

My reports on economic and social issues, including health, domestic violence, and economic development, including Simona Broomes- Trafficking in Person often take me out into the fields.


Meet Amanda!

Hey guys, I’m Amanda Lakeram and I’m 21 yrs old. I’m currently pursuing my LLB at the University of London. I have a passion for serving people and making their lives better. I never once thought about volunteering until I met a local centre for disabled children. Giving my time and resources to them made me feel elated because I saw how their lives greatly improved from such a small gesture. Hence I decided that if someone’s life can be improved because I volunteered my time then there is no greater joy than giving that time.


Meet Onika!

Hi I am Onika Stellingburg, I am an articulate, outgoing, charismatic young woman full of energy for the joys and struggles of life. I am the Curator of the Georgetown Hub of the Global Shapers Community and the Youth Volunteer Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity. I am passionate about youth empowerment, volunteerism and the environment.

I give all thanks to God who has been my guiding force in all my activities and regardless of where I go and what I do my mission is to let others see the love of God through my actions.


Meet Malcolm!

Hey all, I’m Malcolm J. Wills.  I’m a member of Come Alive Network Inc and the Youth Action Network. I’m a critical thinker and if it’s one rule I abide by in my life it’s that you’re never too young to achieve greatness or to make a dynamic change in any field of society.

“When someone in authority takes leadership as a joke they’re also making fun of their followers and the principles their organization stands for. This sinuous joke only plays out destruction and disparity. Never joke with the lives of those who follow you.”- Malcolm J Wills.

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