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About BlueCAPS


To create a society that seeks actively the involvement and opinions of young people.

National policymaking is instrumental in shaping the kind of society we live in today and hope to see flourish tomorrow. While youths make up a significant portion of the population in Guyana, for many reasons, they are not actively involved in the development and drafting of policies that affect their lives. It is crucial that our young people and young professionals(Under 40) become active participants in the policy development process.

For a society to realize its full potential, Youths must become an integral part of the national dialogue and have a voice on all important topical issues facing the country. They must be involved in making meaningful contributions to this process, have their ideas, thoughts, and actions reflected in the strategic plans and policy framework which will help to advance Guyana for the benefit of all its people.



The focus of Blue CAPS is to provide a platform for young Guyanese citizens to leverage the opportunities available for developing their own roles in helping to shape and articulate public policy and finding solutions for problems affecting their communities and country. The inherent philosophy of Blue CAPS is based on the tenets of Change, Advocacy, Policy and Service.  As part of our approach, we aim educate future leaders by encouraging young people to complete our signature “Building Communities through Leadership Training & Service” (BCLTS) Programme and volunteer and give back through the YES! (Youths Experiencing Service) Service component of the BCLTS to help bring about positive Change through active community participation and problem solving, Policy formation and Advocating effectively through various forums on behalf of these policy proposals. We will engage frequently and closely with different stakeholders in achieving our mission and goals.

Those who complete the BCLTS programme will become Fellows of the Blue CAPS network and will continue to spread the mission of Change, Advocacy, Policy and Service.

Blue symbolises honesty, sincerity and trust and we know from research about color psychology that blue conveys the sense of being reliable and responsible. Blue CAPS will work tirelessly to embody these values and to incorporate them as we carry out the activities important to the organisation’s mission.



To educate future leaders who will go back to their communities to serve and develop solutions to solve problems and advocate public policy prescriptions that bring about change and development. 


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