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Day 2 by Delon Fraser

Dr. Dawn Stewart

Dr. Dawn Stewart

The Second day was anticipated to be most exciting of them all. It commenced with a speech craft developing communication and Public Speaking Skills and this was done DR. Dawn Stewart, who commence her presentation by nothing “mentorship is a very critical aspect towards communication” she further posits that the quality of your life is the quality of your communication both with yourself and others .

She further developed her speech by quoting Aristotle the father of sociology who developed the speaking model:

Ethos: ethical which means creditability and trust

Logos: logical which means consistency

Pathos: empathy which means emotions, imagination

She closed her presentation and I thought that this was the “wow” for me in making me a good mentored is “in order to be good leaders we have to be not just listeners but effective listeners”

With such an energetic opening the next presents also did justice and indeed made an impact on my life the “Leaders Round Table” this aspect of the programme was unique we had a panel of competent leaders in society namely Mr. Eric Phillips, Ms. Vanda Radzik and Joel Simpson.

Members of the Round Table

Members of the Round Table

This allowed the panel of leaders to share with youth advocates what it truly meant to be a leader / leadership using practical experiences, and to allow the advocates to ask creative questions to solutions of problems that will be a useful as they continue on their journey to be leaders within communities.

After each speakers presentation I thought that their charge and life experiences can be placed into three laws expresses by one the most influential speakers John C. Maxwell in his book 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

Law of magnetism – Joel noted that leadership I staking responsibility for problems that affect the community and mobilize people to find the solutions and having a great team will aid this process. Closing with a powerful statement “prepare yourself to lead with a hope that the possibility exist for change” this will become my mantra for me as a leader.

 Law of Navigation – Vanda Radzik leadership from within in cross cutting and most important is knowing yourself, our attitude and moral sense after quoting Gandhi. She also spoke about being a servant leader with respect to serving the vision and the group and caution us that to do this we must be able to follow.

Leaving us with a charge she stated” stop action and reflect, b bold to enact change. We must have fired passion to lead.

The law of process – Mr. Philip began his presentation by saying leadership is about serving others. It’s about attitude a way of life. You do not become a leader overnight since successful leaders are follower and learners.

After the round table the next presentation was delivered by one of our leading and preeminent writers Mr. Ruel Johnson. Who opened with the story of “Themistocles”   and stated that key characteristics in leadership development are the four C’s Conviction, comprehension, competence and conflict. And that we must Mirandize ourselves to be good leaders.


The second day session closed with two energetic item delivered by Dmitri Nicholson “Proposal Writing” in which each team had to prepare a proposal to a funding agency. And Clinton Urlington Community organizing and community Services. Both presentation was delivered and received by participants.


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