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Day 1 by Delon Fraser: Creating the Future Begins with Cultivating The Leaders Of Tomorrow


On June 6, 2012 Blue C.A.P.S held its inaugural youth leadership development programme that aims at instilling the qualities and virtues of leadership and community service. This initiative targeted 24 youth leaders from several youth base Organizations that seeks to improve our capacity to lead and become more efficient in achieving goals as a team couple with developing self-confidence and equipping leaders with a sense empowerment.



Major General (retired) Joe Singh    

After listening to the speech deliver by the Key note Speaker Retired Major General Joe Singh stated that critical thinking and education are important to developing young people to effect transformational change followed by Floyd Haynes from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government who is the founder and Managing Director of Haynes, Inc., a 20-year old accounting and management consulting company based in Washington DC. Guyanese-born Haynes is also a former student of Professor Ronald Heifetz, the author of “Leadership without Easy Answers.” Together they made me realize that there is still so much work to be done as a youth advocate and I must say how honored it was for me to listen to the opening presentations since it not only give me a sense of responsibility how I can make a difference within my communities. The greatest gift is the gift of selflessness and this is what leaders in today society need to think and carry as their mantra. I believe that by coming to this opening ameliorated my thoughts as how to make a good better in serving the community and becoming the leader I ought to be further I am optimistic that at the end of this programme my better will become best.

-D. Fraser

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