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Day 2

Day 2- Members of the BlueCAPS training with the panelists

Day 2- Members of the BlueCAPS training with the panelists.

A weekend of innovation and interaction; learning and leading; that’s how it was at Blue C.A.P.S. Youth Leadership Development Programme. It comprised of speakers and facilitators such as Major General (Retd) Joseph Singh, MSS, Floyd Haynes (Adaptive Leadership), Dr. Dawn Stewart (Communication Skills: Public Speaking), Ruel Johnson (Communication Skills: Writing) and a most intriguing and knowledgeable panel discussion with Ms Vanda Radzik, Mr Eric Phillips and Mr. Joel Simpson.
We often believe that leaders include politicians, presidents, world leaders and leaders of our very own community groups but what we don’t realize is that even we can be leaders. This is what we learned during our first session. No doubt, a leader is one in position of authority in a social structure or a personal set of characteristics, however, leadership is the activity of a citizen from any part of life mobilizing people to solve problems and that is what a common man can possess. It was greatly said, some persons have authority but are not leaders and some are leaders with no authority.

In learning that we can all lead without authority, it opened the gateway to learning techniques for getting things done within your organization (compiled by Mr. Clinton Urling based on his reign as president of the Chambers of Commerce which resulted in a greater profit margin). It outlined techniques such as:

*ideas and actions are bigger than organizations
*stay focused on the work and goals of the organization
*think big but implement gradually
*every battle is won or lost before it is fought
*keep working
*embrace change
*pay attention to details
*try not to serve alone
*maintain openness, integrity and honesty; and much more

These tips eventually became very resourceful when we were each placed in our respective groups.

Although these were intriguing, our fun and interaction did not end there; we had a fascinating session with Mr. Dimitri Nicholson. It comprised of interesting arguments, discussions and questions which brought out the cooperation in everyone.

With no doubt it is safe to say that our first weekend was exciting, informative, enthralling and just have you craving for more.

-A. Lakeram

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